serviceWhile most days, living in Tampa means enjoying warm temperatures and minimal heating system use, there are still times when your heating system needs to kick into action. Annual maintenance is even more important when your heating equipment is sitting idle for extended periods of time. Dust is accumulating on the inner components and contaminates are building up inside the system. When you finally do need your heating system to start working, friction and obstructed airflow cause the system to work harder, leading to higher energy costs, poor performance, degraded indoor air quality, and higher risk of malfunction. When you trust in a maintenance plan from Air Now, we take care of making sure your system is running in top working order right when you need it on those cooler days in Tampa.

Extend the life of your system with regular furnace maintenance!

With regular, professional maintenance of your furnace, it can last 20 years or longer. Inspection and cleaning is necessary to ensure your heating system continues reliable function. Our NATE-certified specialists are highly trained in each and every part of the heating system, to ensure your safety and comfort. If your system is malfunctioning or operating improperly, that can lead to fire hazards and health problems. Look to Air Now to keep your system running efficiently and safely.


When your furnace produces heat, it is burning fuel. If there is a problem with your heat exchanger, there is a chance that dangerous carbon monoxide levels can enter your breathing air. A heat exchanger is a combination metal chamber and passageway, which runs from the burner assembly to where the chimney vent meets the furnace. Air is warmed as it passes over the hot surface of the heat exchanger, while a tight seal keeps gasses inside the heat exchanger and away from breathing air. If airflow is restricted due to contaminant or moisture build up, you may be faced with longer run times, overheating, and a cracked heat exchanger. A knowledgeable professional is necessary to visually inspect the heat exchanger on a regular basis to ensure optimum safety.

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We ensure high quality performance from your HVAC equipment, leading to a comfortable and healthy home. Our technicians complete a thorough inspection of your home’s ventilation and air intake sources. Allergens, such as dirt, dust, pet hair, bacteria, mold, fungi, pollen, and dander, can create an unhealthy indoor environment and raises a major concern for allergy and asthma sufferers. If you notice dust, debris, or mold inside your registers, notice musty or unpleasant odors, or haven’t had your heating and ventilation system professionally inspected in a while, call Air Now to schedule a cleaning.

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Most manufacturers require annual service for continued warranty coverage. If your equipment is still under warranty from the manufacturer, it’s even more important to have a regular inspection completed by trained HVAC contractors. Whether your system is new or old, it will benefit from professional maintenance. Our team of highly qualified technicians works on all makes and models of heat pumps, furnaces, and other heating systems, ensuring your system is running by optimum efficiency and safety standards. With a convenient maintenance plan from Air Now, you’ll enjoy safe, dependable, and consistent performance from your heating and cooling equipment year after year. Call our team at 813-374-2225 for service in Tampa and throughout New Tampa, FL, Carrollwood, FL, Westchase, FL, Brandon, FL, Valrico, FL, New Port Richey, FL. We take good care of your comfort.

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When you need affordable ac installation within Tampa Florida it's highly difficult to contract an air conditioning business who respects heating and cooling safety when working in your home. Air Now strives to deliver top-tier licensced and insured air conditioner service to our local community in Tampa and Brandon Florida. We deliver ac service around the Tampa community. Air Now comfort advisors provide the best dependable heating repair on a job. Contact Air Now now!