hvac installationWhen living in Tampa, an air conditioning system in your home is a necessity. You rely on your AC system to create a comfortable & enjoyable environment.  By installing an air conditioning system in your home, you are reducing humidity, protecting against allergen, boosting energy levels & gaining a decent night’s sleep. Here at Air Now, not only so we offer an efficient system at a reasonable price but that also comes with monthly energy bills you can happily live with. To ensure you are 100% satisfied with the job, we protect your home and property from damage, clean up efficiently & allow you to approve the job before we leave.  Call Air Now and enjoy your cool, comfortable air throughout your home.


The benefits of having air conditioning system installed in your home can go on and on. When you have an AC system in your home, it allows you to have your doors & windows closed at all times. This removes any security threats, your home remains locked & you can have peace of mind. An AC system also cuts down on outside noise pollution. Having your windows shut will allow you keep out any distractions or nuisance from the outside world. Not to mention, any pollen dust or dirt will remain outdoors, keeping the air in your home clean & safe.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioner Installation

One of the features on our energy efficient air conditioners is air-purifying filtration systems. These trap bacteria, pollen, pet dander & dust. As your AC system removes humidity & moisture from the air, these water-soluble pollutants are removed as well. This eliminates the risk of mold, mildew & dust musts thriving in the air you breathe. You can count on the airflow in your home to be clean for your entire family.

When it comes to air conditioning & your home, there is no set solution for everyone. Every situation is different. A professionally design system will prevent high energy bills, costly, frequent repairs & a shortened lifespan of your HVAC system.  If your system is too small, it will be overworked & not provide adequate cooling throughout your home. If the system is too big, it may not properly remove all of the moisture from the air, leaving your home humid. You can count on Air Now provide you with a solution that will provide you with comfort, reliability and unmatched energy efficiency.

A/C Replacement in Tampa

At Air Now, we are so confident with our systems & HAC service, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our team made up of NATE-certified technicians who have the experience, knowledge & talent to deliver a final product that is superior in performance, durability and efficiency.  When planning for your budget & system, we evaluate the size of your home, layout, number & placement of windows, doors and a plethora of other factors. We design the ideal system that complies with your lifestyle, ductwork & format of your home to produce the best results possible.

Installing an energy efficient cooling system in your home is a paramount decision. Most importantly, these systems can help you save monthly on your utility bills. High-efficient HVAC equipment is an investment that will ultimately lead to more money in your pocket.  Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is the comparative method used to measure how efficiently your air conditioner performs.  Today’s top cooling units draw 30% to 50% less energy to generate the same amount of cooling as a unit manufactured back in the 1970’s.  Even when compared to a unit manufactured just ten years ago, you stand to save 20% to 40% off your energy costs by upgrading to a newer, more efficient model.


It only takes one phone call to get the process started for your brand new air conditioning system & cool, refreshing air. Contact Air Now for new HVAC installation or to upgrade your current AC unit in Tampa and the surrounding area of New Tampa, FL, Carrollwood, FL, Westchase, FL, Brandon, FL, Valrico, FL, New Port Richey, FL.

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If you want reliable ac repair near Brandon Florida it's absolutely hard to select an air conditioning business who values modern heating and air conditioning techniques when working in your family home. Air Now works hard to ensure top level reliable air conditioning repair for our local community within Tampa or Brandon FL. We deliver heating and cooling in the Tampa and Brandon neighborhood. Air Now certified technicians ensure top-tier factory trained furnace repair on a job. Call Air Now today!